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People Management

Effectively managing the performance of your workforce underpins the success of your business; no matter whether you employ 1 or 20 or 100 or more people. 


The redundancy checklist outlines the questions you should ask before or when you make a position/s redundant and will assist you to meet your legal obligations and enable a defence against unfair or unlawful dismissal claims, should they eventuate.

Workplace Behaviours

This checklist will help you determine whether you and your business have prepared to deal with any workplace behaviour including harassment, sexual harassment, bullying, workplace violence, equal employment opportunities and discrimination.

Employment Agreements

An employment agreement is where an employee accepts your offer of employment… and it can be verbal or written. There are minimum provisions for any employment agreement under the Fair Work Act. Noncompliance with the minimum provisions are enforceable by law and can attract a hefty fine for noncompliance with the minimum provision.

Employee Engagement

The employee value proposition (EVP) which underpins the engagement of employees in your business is as unique as the organisation they describe!