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Community Support

Sandbag Community Centres and Services Sandbag Community Centres and Services is Akyra’s official 2024 Charity Partner.

Sandbag Community Centres and Services is a community organisation that has been working in the North Brisbane area for nearly 30 years. They provide various support and activities that aim to create and contribute to Diverse and Resilient Communities. This includes direct community activities, support and programs, and a range of business and social enterprise initiatives.

The organisation believes a connected and inclusive community benefits all individuals and businesses and fosters a vibrant and healthy community. It accomplishes this by placing significant emphasis on fostering strong relationships with individuals, groups, businesses, and other stakeholders across all the organisation’s areas.

In 2024, 1% of the company’s monthly turnover will go towards Sandbag Community Centres and Services’ incredibly important work. 

Additionally, Akyra will provide various people and human resource management support that the management committee may occasionally require.

Moreton Bay Business & Innovation Awards 2024

We take great pride in our role as a Major Sponsor of Moreton Bay’s Business & Innovation Awards. The awards are dedicated to honouring and acknowledging outstanding businesses and accomplishments.

This year we are proud to announce the Akyra award for Employee of the Year! This award will recognise an individual for their extraordinary professional achievement and contribution to their organisation. This award aligns with our mission here at Akyra, and we can’t wait to see the finalists who are nominated for this award.

If you have an employee you would like to nominate, you can do so here.

Learn more about Moreton Bay’s Business & Innovation Awards and other categories you can nominate and be nominated in on the official website.

Redcliffe Breakfast Club Redcliffe Breakfast Club was nominated as Akyra’s 2023 Charity Partner.

The Redcliffe Breakfast Club was established in 2003 and has been running successfully since then with mostly an amazing team of volunteers and is totally community driven.

Currently serving in excess of 1000 meals a month, guests come from those who are homeless as well as those who are on low or fixed incomes and struggling to make their money stretch, even for the basics.

Funds raised through donations and fundraising went towards the purchase of food and supplies to assist those in need and to cover running costs like fuel and insurance.

The Redcliffe Breakfast services another important function and that is to provide a safe environment where guests can mix with other people, form friendships and also source information that might be helpful to them.

1% of the company’s monthly turnover in 2023 went towards Redcliffe Breakfast Club’s incredibly important work. 

Additionally, Akyra provided a range of people and human resource management support that was required from time to time by the Management Committee. 

Moreton Bay Business & Innovation Awards

We’re proud to be a Major Sponsor of Moreton Bay’s premier Business & Innovation Awards, celebrating and recognising business achievement.

At Akyra, we’re driven by our vision to Create Employers of Choice, however as the Naming Rights Sponsor of the Employee of the Year Award, and we’re proud of our alignment with a category that celebrates and recognises the role that employees play in shaping the success of a business.


Beyond Blue Beyond Blue was Akyra’s 2022 Charity Partner.

In 2022, 1% of the company’s monthly turnover was donated to their 24/7 Support Service that provides counselling, information, advice and referrals to assist people experiencing anxiety, depression and those at increased risk of suicide.

Currently, there are three million people in Australia living with anxiety and depression. Every dollar raised for Beyond Blue makes an impact and assists the organisation to achieve its vision of every person in Australia achieving their best possible mental health. In 2022, Akyra will also undertake a series of fundraising initiatives and events in addition to its commitment to donating 1% of its income to Beyond Blue.

Akyra set a goal to raise over $5,000 for Beyond Blue. We exceeded this target, raising a total of $6,173!

If you would like to donate, visit our Akyra’s 2022 Charity Fundraiser Page