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HR PulseCheck

How well are you managing your most important resource ― your people?
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HR PulseCheck  Reasons why you need the HR PulseCheck

The HR PulseCheck conducted by Akyra Strategy & Development (Akyra) evaluates the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your human resources (HR) management functions. It can be conducted across your entire HR systems and processes or focused on the HR performance management framework or any other area that will assist your business.

The findings enable your management to:

 i) ensure compliance and benchmark your organisation against accepted relevant best practice. 

ii) identify gaps in and ensure effective implementation of relevant practices. 

iii) enhance or maintain the reputation of your business as an ‘Employer of Choice’.
It is an objective analysis and undertaken on sampling basis − i.e.: not every instance or situation
can be or is examined.

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When was the last review of your HR Management System?

Akyra’s HR PulseCheck will facilitate your organisation’s understanding of how well you are managing your most important resource ― your people.

The Process

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HR PulseCheck    

Copies of HR manuals, handbooks, forms, reports, position description templates and/or other relevant documentation can be forwarded to Akyra or made available on the day of the PulseCheck. It will take between four and eight hours to complete.


Will outline findings, conclusions and recommendations.


You and your management team decide whether to rectify

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What does Akyra need?

Access to a designated contact person from your organisation who can respond to queries relating to the PulseCheck and to relevant documentation including but not limited to:

  • Company vision, mission/purpose and values
  • Organisation charts and position / job descriptions
  • Employee records – e.g.: letters of offer, time sheets, pay slips, terminations, warnings, etc
  • Recruitment and selection policies and procedures
  • Employee handbook; policies and procedures manual (individual policies if no manuals exist)
  • HR management system – i.e.: performance management, professional development
  • Employee relations – e.g.: relevant awards, agreements and/or other industrial instruments


The HR PulseCheck is a diagnostic tool and not a test, there is no pass or fail mark. It is simply a systematic process to determine your organisation’s ability to fully manage and best utilise your biggest resource ― your people.

The HR PulseCheck is recommended to any organisation whose objective is to better and compliantly manage their people.

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