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HR Policies, Procedures and Forms

Human Resources (HR) policies, procedures and forms establish a framework and set standards that guide how employees should conduct themselves as employees. This includes how employees perform their jobs, make decisions, interact with each other and manage the business operations of their employer.

These documents are useful to both the employee and the employer, but only if they are readily available and staff know they exist. To this end, any policies and procedures that employees should be aware of should be included in their employee handbook and be highlighted during your induction and onboarding process.

Why you need HR Policies, Procedures and Forms

Straight-forward, clear and concise HR policies and procedures are important because they:

  • assist you to meet your legal obligations
  • are a proven way to help your managers and supervisors make consistent and reliable decisions
  • help to give each employee a clear understanding as to what you expect and allow.

Failing to implement them leaves your business open to legal challenges, grievances and lawsuits; especially if you inconsistently apply your HR policies and / or pay structure. Grievances and lawsuits lead to:

  • increased costs that affect your profits
  • increased turnover
  • negative morale.

Your business will avoid these problems if you implement HR policies, procedures and forms that are consistent and ensure your employees are treated equally across a variety of employment issues.

Essential HR Policies and Procedures

A business can create HR policies and procedures around nearly any topic or scenario, however some are more useful than others. Some of the most common and important HR Policies and Procedures are as follows.

Disciplinary Action

Employees and managers should be aware of how their workplace manages disciplinary action. 

Social Media Policy

Some workplaces have policies that detail specific behaviours that their staff cannot engage in online and on social media.

Health and Safety Policies

Employers are responsible for the health and safety of their staff. Part of ensuring the wellbeing of staff is ensuring they have access to all the information necessary to remain safe in the workplace and in the process of carrying out their duties.

Drug and Alcohol Policies

It is common for workplaces to require their employees to remain clear of mind and not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This may only apply to working hours, or in some cases will extend to after hours. Be sure to consult with an HR Expert before preparing such a policy to ensure that it is enforceable.

Attendance Policies

Some workplaces combine remote and in-office work, allowing their staff a greater degree of freedom in how they plan their time. Many such businesses have minimum requirements for in-office attendance. 

Sexual Harassment

Ensuring the safety of staff goes beyond enabling them to avoid workplace hazards. The physical and emotional wellbeing of an employee can be impacted by other employees and their behaviours, such as through sexual harassment. Should such an event occur, employees must know how to report it and what the rest of the process for addressing it would look like.

Do you need help preparing your HR Policies, Procedures, and Forms?

Small businesses often scramble for resources when compiling employee information, contracts and developing HR policies and procedures. Many medium and larger companies have dated policies and procedures that no longer reflect the reality of the business operations.

Businesses looking for fresh ideas or a fresh start for HR can access Akyra’s products and services which are ideally suited for:

  • small business owners who employ one or more staff
  • managers and employees with responsibility for HR

Developing your HR policies, procedures and forms does take some effort to complete… however, the process brings definite long-term benefits, reduces disputes and adds to the professionalism of your business.

The policies, procedures and forms available from Akyra Strategy & Development are professionally written and fully customizable in MS Word format to maximize the effectiveness of your HR functions. Take advantage of our experience and expertise.

Contact Akyra for an obligation free consultation or check out Akyra’s HR BizBitz.

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