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HR Health Check

A healthy human resource management (HR) function in your business is as important as the physical and mental well being of a human body.

You can either take the 3-minute health check yourself…
Or alternatively, you may choose to have Akyra conduct a more indepth and independent HR health check to examine your HR practices and systems on a sample basis and is a means through which you can measure the health of your HR function and identify any gaps or lapses and the reason for the same.

Some of the reasons to undertake an HR health check include:

  • To ensure effective utilisation of human resources.
  • To identify and address HR-related problems.
  • To seek out HR-related opportunities.
  • To review compliance with tons of laws and regulations.
  • To maintain or enhance the reputation of your business.
  • To instill a sense of confidence that your business is well-managed and prepared to meet potential challenges and opportunities.
HR Health Check

The HR health check is a systematic process that examines the important aspects of a function and how it is managed and is a means to identify strengths, weaknesses and areas where rectification may be warranted. The HR health check is conducted on a sampling basis so not every instance or situation can be examined.
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